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RemittancesHub is a licensed financial institution operating an Alternate Cross Border Network for B2B Inbound & Outbound Business Payments, which enables international fund transfers into Bank Accounts of Beneficiaries (both corporate & individual):

In near real-time
At significantly lower costs vs. traditional channels
With end-to-end transaction

We help companies manage their businesses better by:

  • Improving working capital efficiency
  • Lowering costs
  • Enabling better forex management

We make it easy for businesses to pay suppliers, employees, or customers globally, and also to receive payments from them.


RemittancesHub is making Cross Border Business Payments Easy, Fast & Transparent for SMEs

The $156 trillion dollar cross-border payments industry is expected to grow at 5% CAGR, adding $7.8 trillion each year. B2B payments contribute the majority of this at $150trillion.
With SMEs conducting 43% of the cross-border trade, they present a lifeline for the global economy, with their role only expected to grow with increasing globalization.

However, traditional international remittance channels are inefficient and often present difficulties for SMEs, where:

  • Payments often take many days to reach beneficiaries
  • Transaction costs(fee plus forex) are very high
  • There is no transaction tracking, and no FX transparency

A Fintech-led disruption is taking place in the SME cross-border business payments sector, with SMEs choosing alternate payment networks for faster and cheaper international payments, with full transparency.

Simplifying Global Payments

RemittancesHub is making cross-border payments easy, fast, cheaper and transparent…

Our Clients

Money Transfer Operators

Money Transfer Operators

Exchange Houses


FinTechs & Payment Operators








  • Enabling faster & cost effective cross border payments for businesses, with full tracking
  • Enabling easier & cost effective payments collections for SMEs, SOHO & Freelancers
  • Enabling Remittance Sending operators to fill gaps in their correspondent networks quickly
  • Easy integrations. No need to modify your IT systems
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Single point settlement
  • 24x7 Tech Support
  • MSB license from  FINTRAC Canada
RemittancesHub provides backend network rails & settlement to Banks, Fintechs, and Remittance companies in developing countries, to enable efficient & cost-effective outbound payments by their SME customers to their overseas suppliers.

Value Proposition

  • Single API connectivity
  • One contract
  • Instant / Same Day Transfers
  • Customized & Competitive Pricing
  • End-to-End Transaction Tracking
  • Secure Processing & Data Management
  • Prefund in SingleCurrency
  • Pay per-use model
  • B2B, B2C, C2B & C2C payments
RemittancesHub is a licensed financial institution, fully compliant with AML, KYC & other regulations.

Payout Network

86 Countries
47 Currencies

We enable Payouts into all bank accounts (individual & corporate) in all major countries of the world