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Cross Border Payments
and Remittances

Providing Global Connectivity, Transaction Processing, FX &
Financial Settlement for Cross Border:

  • Business Payments
  • Payment Collections
  • P2P Remittances
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RemittancesHub offers Seamless, Secure & Digital Cross Border Payment & Remittance aggregation with:

  • One Contract
  • One API Integration
  • One Point Settlement
In Near Real Time
At Significantly Lower Costs
With High Transaction Limits
With End to End Transaction Tracking

Our Services

Transforming how Global Sending & Receiving Operators Connect & Transact
Cross Border

Providing backend network rails & settlement to Banks, Fintechs & Remittance companies in emerging markets, to enable efficient & cost-effective outbound payments by their SME customers to their overseas suppliers.

International Remittances

Enabling payment collection via local clearing from USA (USD), Eurozone (EUR), UK (GBP) and Canada (CAD), for payout into bank accounts of SMEs, SOHO and Freelancers in emerging markets.

Bill Payments

International P2P

Providing backend network rails & settlement to Remittance Sending Operators (MTOs, Exchange Houses, Fintechs, Banks), for payouts into bank accounts of beneficiaries in major Receive markets.

Payout Network

86 Countries
47 Currencies

We enable Payouts into all bank accounts (individual & corporate) in all major countries of the world

Our Clients

Money Transfer Operators

Money Transfer Operators

Exchange Houses


FinTechs & Payment Operators








  • Enabling faster & cost effective cross border payments for businesses, with full tracking
  • Enabling easier & cost effective payments collections for SMEs, SOHO & Freelancers
  • Enabling Remittance Sending operators to fill gaps in their correspondent networks quickly
  • Easy integrations. No need to modify your IT systems
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Single point settlement
  • 24x7 Tech Support
  • MSB license from  FINTRAC Canada

Cross Border Payments totaled $150 trillion in 2017

Overseas Business Payments are being disrupted by FinTechs to meet SMEs & corporate customers’ demand for faster & cheaper payments, with full tracking & transparency.

Collection of small-mid size payments from overseas clients is expensive & inefficient via traditional channels


Money Transfer Operators, PSPs, FinTechs, Mobile Wallets & Banks to Connect with us and Grow their International Remittance Business

Global VIdeo

How It Works

RemittancesHub is a licensed Financial Institution, providing backend network & settlement services to Remittance Sending Operators, for payouts into all bank account in the major exporting countries of the world


We are fully compliant with KYC, AML, CFT regulations


All transactions on our network & hub are encrypted and fully secure


All transactions are effected in near real-time, with minimal failure rates. We give you single API access to major global destinations


Cross Border
Business Payments

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